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From The Desk Of Adam Khoo

Dear Frustrated Success Seeker,

Can I be honest with you?

Because I know you want to know the TRUTH about why you find it so hard to just attain the success you want in life.

And you observe how others can just seem to flow through life, achieving breakthrough result after result and basically live the life of dreams! They have that dream job, their business is successful, they live in that dream house, drive the fast cars and have the perfect family!

Doesn't that make you envious?

Maybe even angry?

Well let me tell you the truth...

It's NOT Your Fault That You Haven't Achieved the Results You Want In Your Life Yet!

Because it's something else that's been preventing you from attaining the success you deserve.

How do I know this?

Because you work your socks off every single day in pursuit of your goals. You put your sweat, blood, and tears into your job, career or business to just 'make it happen'.

You jot down your goals, you plan what steps you need to take to achieve them, you clock in 16 hour days (or more) and you work like a mad dog just so that, one day, you will become *successful* and then you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

But that scenario just doesn't seem to pan out that way at all, does it?

You work your socks off, but it's someone else that gets that promotion you want, the recognition you deserve, and the success that's rightfully yours.

And you know what?

That exact same scenario is playing out everyday in offices and households everywhere and you are just left frustrated at how life can just be so damn unfair! And it's not even unfair in your favor!

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Inside you'll discover...

How I transformed from a lazy unmotivated kid into a millionaire at just age 26!

The secret to how you can get the best out of yourself and to consistently perform at your peak

The "Anti-Procrastination" strategy that will eliminate any procrastination immediately!

The secret to how to make people like, trust and listen to you and your ideas

The secret to massively increasing your income in less than 5 months flat!

Real life case studies of people who used this secret to increase their income by more than 650%!

and much more...

And You Just Wonder Why Everything You Do Just Doesn't Seem To Work Out...

If all of this sounds depressing to you, let me first apologize, that's not my intention at all.

I'm just pointing out the facts and realities of how so many lives are being played out everyday because I know if you've been reading up to here, you understand what I'm talking about.

I'm here today to pass you a very important message. One that can make a whole world of positive difference in your life. And If you would be patient enough to listen to what I have to say, I assure you it would be worth your time.

You may be asking this question right now, 'What do I know about the difficulties or challenges you are facing right now?'


I Used To Be A Wash-Out, Drop-Beat Failure!

When I was eight, I was expelled from school for misbehavior and my parents had to go round the country begging other primary schools to let me study in their school. I was a total misfit.

I did so poorly for my primary school leaving examinations that I was rejected from ALL the secondary schools of my choice and I was dumped into a school called Ping Yi.

I was academically very weak and was always the slowest in class. I failed in four subjects of the eight I was taking and soon enough I found myself placed at the bottom of my entire cohort.

Not only was I poor in studies, I was also physically weak and mentally lethargic. I had poor social skills, I was bored, indifferent and soon I was labeled as a 'problem student'.

I joined the boy scouts in an effort to learn valuable skills and widen my social circle but after only six months, I was thrown out of the club because I couldn't pass the most basic test needed to qualify as a scout. I didn't even bother to try again.

To make things even worse, my cousins were gifted students and attended the best schools in the country. Because of that, I really began to think I was born lazy, slow, unmotivated, maybe even stupid.

Like most troubled teenagers, I soon found myself addicted to the TV and video games and I allowed myself to sink into a catatonic stupor just to escape all the pain.

Did I want to be a failure?


I wanted just as much like everyone else to be a success in life but no matter what I did or how hard I worked, things just screwed up and blew up in my face.

Until I Discovered The >Brain Secret< That Unleashed My Breakthrough Success...

From being an all out underachiever, I finally cracked the success code and I made my first million at just age 26.

I would safely assume that making a million bucks at age 26 is a solid measure of success to anyone.

I now own 4 businesses pulling $20 million in revenue annually, I'm a bestselling author of 5 books and I've worked with big-boy companies and institutions like Hewlett Packard, American International Assurance, Prudential, Singapore Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Telecoms, Lux Asia, Tupperware, Rolls Royce Marine and many more.

I'm one of the top speakers in Asia and I've have trained over 245,000 professionals, managers, executives, businessmen, educators and students in the areas of accelerated learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and peak performance strategies.

I'm not showing all of these to impress you at all. I'm showing you all of these to prove to you what IS possible in life if you know the secrets to how lifetime success is created.

I'm showing you how someone like me, who'd never experienced any real success in life before, who'd never attained any breakthrough results, can go on to become a runaway success! I want to prove to you, with the real-life success I've attain, how far a 'failure' can go in life! 

How did I achieve all this breakthrough success?

How did someone who got kicked out of school, got labeled as a problem student and suffering from a self-esteem issue go on to become a millionaire at just age 26!?

How did someone who was a labeled a problem student, who my teacher said wouldn't go on to become anything substantial in life, now own 4 businesses, work with some of the biggest companies in the world, and become one of the top speakers in Asia?

And I think the BIG question that's on your mind right now is...

Can You Achieve The Same Level Of Breakthrough Personal Success Too?

And the answer is NO!

Not until you discover the secret to achieving breakthrough success in life, you will forever wallow in the depressing deeps of mediocrity.


Because you and countless other good, honest people are working your socks off to provide the best of your family but somehow no matter how hard you work, that elusive pot of gold is always at the end of the next rainbow.

You can never seem to reach it!

Attaining Success Is NOT About Working Hard!

Now let me clarify this: I'm not knocking hard work at all. What I'm saying is that hard work alone is not going to cut it.

And you know this already.

How many people do you see working so darn hard everyday but they just can never seem to get to where they want in life? And I'll be bold enough to say that you are one of them.

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that you haven't found the right success formula to achieve the results you want in life.

You see, even if you work your socks every day in pursuit of your goal, you'll never see the sunset if you keep on running east!

You can work as hard as you want but if you don't know the secrets to attaining breakthrough success in life, then I'm sorry, but you'll definitely be working hard all your life.

I should know because I once worked hard to achieve my goals, but I never got there.

You see, you need to know the secret of attaining personal success before you will ever be able to achieve the success you want!

And it's because if a wash-out failure like me can achieve the results I managed to create, I believe that ANYONE who knows the same secret can mentally orientate himself or herself to achieve success in any area.

And that's why I created this webpage.

I want you to learn how to equip yourself with the mindset, skills and behavioral patterns to mentally orientate yourself to achieve success in any area.

Unlock The Secret To Your Success And Smash Through Everything That's Been Holding You Back!

Imagine yourself living your dreams everyday.

Not having to be a slave to money. Working when you want to and not because you have to.

Being a success at what you do. See yourself performing at your peak, pushing your potential and becoming the very person you always envisioned yourself to be.

Imagine hitting your goals and achieving breakthrough results that will make people look up to you as an inspiration to them.

Speaking in public with power and influence, earning that six-figure income and being financially free, building that business, getting that promotion, buying that luxury car, living in that dream house, or whatever goal that you have longed to achieve but thought it was so impossible.

Imagine being able to do the things you love to do the most in life.

What would it be?

How about spending time with your loved ones and family, going for exotic holidays four times a year, providing the best for your family knowing you have achieved lifetime success and financial security or freedom.

If that is the life that you have always dreamed of, then this is the last piece of the puzzle you will ever need to unlock the your quest to designing a better life in every aspect.

Announcing The
"Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny"
Personal Success System!

Here's what you'll gain from this 12 Step Personal Success System:

01 The Patterns Of Excellence
Discover the one hidden resource that is ALL you need to succeed in life.
Know the truth behind the resources you *think* you need to produce results.
Discover why your lack of money and time is not the real reason for your lack of results.
Discover a thinking model which explains the way humans performs and how you can use this to 'program' yourself for instant success.
Discover the key to your thoughts & behavioral patterns and why you continue to sabotage your own success even though you say you want to be successful.
Learn why so few people produce exceptional results and why this is actually to your advantage!
Unveil the secret to replicate a winner's mental blueprint and how you can model someone's path to success.
Learn the most fundamental principle to switch 'on' and 'off' your brain's limitless potential and use it to bring you where you want to go.
Learn what your beliefs have to do with your ability to succeed in life. If you screw this up, success will forever be an uphill climb that never ends.
Learn why you cannot succeed although you have the same mental resources needed. And what you need to change to ensure success comes your way in life.
How to attract all the necessary physical resources you need to achieve your goal with NOTHING.
How to use the 1000 billion neurons you have in your brain to good use in terms of intelligence, thought and behavioral patterns and what this means to your success.

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02 The Ultimate Success Formula
Discover the Ultimate Success Formula and how this holds the key to you achieving any result you want in life!
Learn the three ways people deal with failure so you know which way to go if you want to be successful.
The key you need to gain the ability to constantly change your strategy and do whatever it takes to get the results you want.
How to be very specific about the goals you set and why if you don't do this, you can say adios to your future success.
What Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Clinton have in common that will teach you why success never happens by accident.
Every goal you set is possible and darn right achievable. It is only a question of the _______ used.
The one thing that separates the dreamers that get nowhere in life from doers that achieve success in life.
Why someone less talented and intelligent can be more successful than you and the lesson you can learn here to propel you to success.
How to overcome any failure and setback you encounter and even use it to move you faster towards your goals.
The one quality you must have if you want to be in total control on your environment and how you can use this to your advantage.

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03 How To Achieve Anything You Want
Learn why you will always find excuses to stay within your comfort zone and put things off and what you have to do break this limiting pattern.
The reason why many people desire to be
successful but so few ever become

When you give yourself no ______ ___ to succeed, you will always find a way to achieve your goal. Guaranteed.
How to raise your level of acceptance to inspire yourself so that you will never accept less than being a runaway success in life.
How being dissatisfied and unhappy with yourself can help reach new standards of performance.
How putting yourself on the line will literally 'force' you to achieve the goals you set.
Learn what affects your frame of mind and your emotional states and how you can use it to become a success.
How the very language you use will decide how much success you attain in life and how to use the 'right' language all the time.
Why the people you hang around with will decide how much income and wealth you create and why you must mix with winners if you want to shortcut your path to the top.
How to know if you stuck in 'no man's land' and what you can do to breakthrough this barrier.

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04 The Key to Absolute Power
Discover how to give yourself power to change your circumstances, no matter how dire it may seem to you.
Understand how power can be taken away from your hands and what you can do to take it back!
Learn why people like you allow yourself to be deprived of that power and avoid falling into that same trap again and again.
Know what must you do to take charge of your power immediately so that you can use it immediately to take charge of your life.
Learn how to get the response you want in any business or personal situation, anytime you want it, regardless of how difficult you think it is.
Why taking absolute responsibility gives you absolute power to shape your life any way you want it.
The 2 mistakes you can make that will strip you of your power forever and how to avoid making these mistakes now.
The reason why so many people in this world choose to be 'victims' and how that traps them to a life of regret and unrealized potential.
How to become a master communicator to lead and influence people to your (and their) success.
The 3 components of effective communication and how you can use them to communicate and lead effectively.
The reason why you can say the right words when communicating but still have a situation blow right up in your face with ugly results. (We'll teach you how to avoid that!)

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05 The Incredible Power of Beliefs
Unravel the one thing that empowers ordinary people into achieving extraordinary things.
Discover what determines your expectations of yourself and how much you get out of yourself to attain the success you want in life.
Learn how our beliefs affect our biochemistry
and our well-being all the time and how you can use this to empower you instantly.
Learn how to leverage the phenomenon of your brain to achieve whatever you want.
Your Beliefs lead to your Expectations which lead to your ______ which lead to your _________ which ultimately lead to your results.
How to use the power of visualization to achieve your goals even quicker and easier. (Olympic athletes use this!)
The reason why what you believe will ultimately decide how you and your life will end up. Without fail.
How to discover empowering beliefs that you can use right now to propel you upwards towards your goals.
How your beliefs are created and how they affect your performance in everyday life.
How your beliefs right now can be disempowering you and sabotaging you from ever achieving lasting success in life.
How you can collapse lousy beliefs about yourself and stop them from holding you back anymore!
The 5 step process to how to create new and empowering beliefs about yourself that will support you in your pursuit of lifetime success.

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06 The Secret To Peak Performance
The one thing that is the driving force that produces the results you experience in life.
What are your emotional states and how they actually affect how you behave every single second.
The top 10 states of a successful person and the top 10 states of an unsuccessful person. (You'll soon realize why successful people are successful...)
How to find out if you are in control of your states or if your states are in control of you!
The 2 things that affect your state at any one time and how they decide how you choose to 'see' things in life. (Unsuccessful people screw this bit up.)
Understand what creates procrastination or any lousy state you have and how you can simply break out of these negative states immediately!
How you can create a state of confidence (or any other empowering state) immediately and use it to drive yourself towards hitting your lifetime goals.
How international athletes use this very same technique to always compete in a peak state and perform at the top of their game.
How you can consciously model a successful person's excellence and achieve the same breakthrough results for yourself.
How most people actually model patterns of mediocrity and then wonder why they never got anywhere in life (Don't do this!)

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That's Not All!
Here's Even More Of What You'll Be Discovering...

07 Directing Your Brain for Optimum Results
The reason why what you focus on will affect your emotional states and ultimately your results in life.
How to direct your focus right now towards things that will bring you the success that you deserve in life.
What you must definitely avoid focusing on if you truly want to become successful.
How Richard Branson started a multi-billion dollar airline by simply knowing what to focus on when his flight got cancelled. (Told you focus is important...)
What you must focus on when you encounter something difficult that stands in your way, when you don't achieve your outcome or when you are faced with a challenging task, so that you come out on top!
What are submodalities and how they are the keyboard to your brain and how you can use submodalities to snap you into a peak state immediately.
The 28 (and more) ways of how you can affect your submodalities to increase the intensity of any empowering emotional state you want to harness now.
How you can also use submodalities to de-intensify your negative past experiences which ultimately help you to breakthrough them instantly.
The 5 step system to discover your submodality 'drivers' and how they are the most powerful ways to kick-start you into taking action to achieve results now.
How to use one specific and powerful technique to change limiting habits and install winning ones for optimum results.

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08 Anchoring: The Keyboard to Your Emotions
What are anchors and how they neurologically link you to the positive and negative states you have in life.
Discover the 3 different types of anchors you must identify with and how affect your life.
How giant multi-nationals use the power of anchoring to market their products and millions of people everywhere 'fall' for for this.(That's how powerful anchors are...)
Learn how you can create powerful anchors for yourself and use them to fast track your way to personal success.
The 4 simple steps you can take right now to create powerful anchors for confidence, motivation or any empowering state you wish to use.
The 4 crucial keys you must take note of that will decide how effective your anchors really are. (Screw this up and your anchors won't work!)
How you can also create powerful positive anchors to help empower other people around you as well. (They will love you for this...)
Discover the 7 step process to collapse any negative anchors you have and replace them with empowering ones that will serve you towards your pursuit of lifetime success.
The reason why any phobias you have can take years to cure using traditional psychotherapy and how you can actually get rid of your lifelong phobias within 30 minutes!
The 6 steps you can take right now to get rid of any phobias that have been holding you back and preventing you from attaining the success you deserve.

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09 The Transformation of Meaning
How you can take any unfortunate event in life that happened that you and turn it into one of the most empowering catalysts for your success.
Event + ________ = Outcome. The secret formula to how you can take any event and use it to propel you forward in life!
The 2 ways you can turn any negative event into a positive one that empowers yourself to reach your goals.
How you can use this same technique to turn any problem into a great personal opportunity.
How you can 'reframe' other people's bad experiences and align their frame of mind to yours! (Powerful communicators use this to all the time...)
How you can use reframing in all your business deals and sales presentations and overcome any objection that's thrown at you.
How multi-nationals also use the power of reframing to in their multi-million dollar advertising budgets to influence and lead the consumers. (Told you this was powerful...)
The Law of Polarity and how this law could hold the key to your lifetime achievement and success.
The reason why two people can have the exact same experiences and have totally different results. Understand this and you're on your way to the top!
The reason why successful people never seem to falter in the face of adversity and come back stronger than ever, even after countless failures.

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10 Values: Your Driving Force
What are your values and how they drive your decisions and the choices you make consistently in life.
The 2 different types of values you have and how they have brought you to where you are in life right now.
Why you can set all the goals you want in life but still never reach them if your values are all screwed up!
The 3 steps to discovering your own values and finally realizing why you have behaved the way you have in the past.
The one crucial exercise you must do if you want to find out which values in life are most important to you. (This will affect how much success you attain in life...)
Why two people can have the exact same values but still behave differently and have very different results in life.
How and why you must specifically define your values if you truly want to discover what is the driving force that will drive you towards achieving your goals.
How your values can sabotage you and prevent you from ever attaining the success you deserve in life. (You must get your values right!)
How negative values can actually propel you and push you towards what you want to achieve in life.
The 4 step system you can use right now to 'lock-in' your empowering values so that they serve you positively for life!

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11 Design Your Destiny
The trouble with most people and why when they don't really know what they want, they will never see any breakthrough results in life.
Every goal that you wish to achieve in life is possible, it's only a question of ________. Use the right ________ and you will achieve your goals. Guaranteed.
What will happen to you if you don't have a plan for your path in life. (And it's not very nice...)
The single biggest reason why I was able to make my million at age 26 when my peers who just as intelligent as me were only making $2,000 a month.
Learn what prevents most people from designing their destiny so that you can avoid them like a plague!
The biggest thing ,that is the hardest to break, that will stand in your way on your route to personal success and what you can do to breakthrough.
Why you must start setting your goals now or you will seriously end up nowhere in life. (You know you don't want this...)
The reason why most people end up feeling frustrated, disillusioned and unfulfilled in life and how you can avoid this fate!
The 5 things that are preventing you from designing your life exactly the way you want it and how you can breakthrough these barriers.
How you can come back even stronger even after major blows in life.
The 3 major keys to designing powerful goals that will empower you to achieve massive success.
Why setting 's-t-r-e-t-c-h' goals and unrealistic targets will bring you exceptional results!

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12 How to Replicate Someone's Success Blueprint
How you can replicate any person's success strategy and create the exact same results as well.
What is the Success Blueprint and how you can model this to achieve breakthrough results in life.
The 5 areas which you must model from a successful person and how each area plays a crucial role to your personal success.
What are your mental strategies and they decide how effective you are in achieving results in life.
The 7 components that make up a mental strategy and how you can craft each component to your success advantage.
Why you must be aware of your own mental strategies, so that you can change them, get rid of ineffective ones and move forward faster towards success.
How discovering your own mental strategies will enable you to replicate your own excellent states and past peak performances at will.
How you can ask the right questions to discover a person's success strategy and utilize it for your own to achieve similar breakthrough results!
How to discover an ineffective strategy that's holding you back and how you can redesign it into a brand new strategy that empowers you instead!
How to 'install' a success strategy into your brain so that you can fire off your most powerful peak states at anytime you wish and propel you towards massive success.

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Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny is the complete 12 Step System you need right now to empower yourself on the road to personal and breakthrough success right now! It is everything that I have learnt in the last 15 years as I made my way from a being a wash-out failure to becoming a millionaire at 26.

All of this knowledge, skills and strategies have been distilled for you and put down in a EXACT, step-by-step system for you to follow and create the results you deserve and want in life. I know this stuff works because I used it myself myself FIRST before I put it down in this book!

This complete personal success program has over 347+ pages of honest, straightforward, true-life personal success advice that you cannot find anywhere else! This is a MASSIVE amount of information you can use right now to bring you to a whole new level of success.

I designed Master Your Mind in such a way that it is the easiest way for any beginner to start off on the right foot towards personal development and success . The book is written with you in mind. It is an instruction book, workbook, custom-made blueprint designed for you to attain the success you deserve in life!

It's like a lifetime coach ready and available for you to seek advice from. This is one book that has no expiry date. Like all best classics, the principles and strategies that you will learn in this book are timeless.

Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny on the Life! bestsellers list.

Here's What People Are Saying About
'Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny'!

 "My Bank Balance Has Swelled!"

From the beginning, I made the decision to give this program all I have got. I have wanted to learn NLP from a perspective that is new to me and from world renowned trainers.

I know from friends in Singapore and previous contact with Adam that he communicates truth with integrity, not a bunch of filler or garbage.

I have bought a course from Adam before and I know he really delivers because my bank balance has swelled since applying just a few nuggets of wisdom and there isn't much better proof than that when it comes to judging a self-improvement course!

After going through this program, I immediately discovered how I could have control over my emotional states. For example, this weekend I foolishly got a parking ticket for taking a business lunch on a Sunday and not checking if there were still charges for parking on a Sunday.

Before this program, that would drive me crackers and there would be anger directed outward at the world, society, myself, my family and detriment to all my life as I would try to medicate the feelings with food, more anger, denial and what have you.

However, within two hours I was "sending out love" to the warden and feeling so immensely grateful for the lesson learned as well as I found out how to get 50% off the fine. It was a blessing in disguise!

Secondly, my performance in trading will improve 5000% this year. I would not be surprised if I make a million dollars in the next year.

Thirdly, I have come away with a deeper honesty and understanding in my personal relationships (including and especially marriage).

I would recommend this program to anyone who knows they have what it takes deep down but if you honestly look at your results you know you are not fulfilling that potential to reach towards the destiny you really and truly desire and deserve.

Expect transformation as you pick up skills that are proven by the results people have had with them, and guess what, with this technology, you are no different and CAN achieve your goals.

Grab this program, follow it diligently and apply it with faith and determination and you will find this out first hand.

Sam Beatson
THE Master Forex Trainer
Sheffield, United Kingdom

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"Your Book Should Be REQUIRED Reading!"

Dear Adam,

This may be the most practical and easy to understand book on Neuro-Linguistic Programming I've ever seen! I teach the subject of the Law Of Attraction. Which is, the 'science' of how to focus our thoughts and emotions to 'manifest' what we want into our lives. I soon realized that anytime there is 'science', technology must follow to put into practical use the science. If the Law Of Attraction is the SCIENCE, then NLP is the TECHNOLOGY.

I was very impressed about how direct and to the point your information is. You cut right to the chase, teach a lot of practical information, and give excellent examples to illustrate your point.

Since reading your book and APPLYING the information, I look at things from a much different perspective. People around me have changed and I take action differently than I have before which has resulted in more business for me.

One last thing. Some people might complain about reading a 300+ page book on the computer. I also admit, it's not easy. But I recently got a NOOK from Barnes and Noble which is an electronic book reader. It's a great gadget and you can read ANY eBook on it with ease! Thanks Adam for having written such as practical and useful book on NLP and success. Your book should be REQUIRED reading for all college students!


Dr. David Che
Cocoa Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

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"Good Job And Keep It Up!"

I bought your e-book "Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny" and have benefited tremendously. The techniques shared in your book helped me in many ways.

It motivated me in completing my projects within my targeted time, without procrastinating as before. It also led me and brought my focus towards NLP. I enrolled myself in an NLP course with a reputable training institute here in Malaysia to widen my knowledge in NLP or as you say it "Patterns of Excellence". I'm now a certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach.

My thinking, my mindset, my behaviors, and my actions have all changed to a brand new leaf! Without doubt, there are more milestones that are achievable with the ground rules shared in your book.

Good job and keep it up!

Norman J Sinappen
Author, Motivational Speaker & NLP Coach

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"Scored A's In My Final Year Exams And Went On To Start Two Businesses!"

I lost much interest in studying and my friend encouraged me to listen to this program in the midst of my exams.

By the first day of going through this book, I was overwhelmed by the personal success and communication technologies available to me to achieve the results I wanted.

I went on to score A's in my exams and after graduation, instead of following the traditional route of finding a job, I decided to take charge of my destiny and started two successful and profitable businesses.

Charles Tng
Business Owner
SpeedB Enterprise

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"Achieved Top Sales Within 3 Months!"

Being an accountancy graduate, I made a huge career switch by going into property sales. Initially, I was worried that I would not be able to excel.

However, after the discovering the strategies inside Master Your Mind, I set a huge goal of becoming the top in my division and to be promoted to a team manager!

With the NLP techniques that I applied consistently, I made it within 3 months!

Tok Li Nah
Land Banking Consultant
Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

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"Started A Profitable Childcare Business!"

I couldn't believe it!

One moment I was crying at the sight of the snake, the next moment I was holding it! I broke through a phobia that I thought I would have for the rest of my life.

This experience convinced me that I could break through my limiting beliefs and I did.

I managed to successfully transform my 10 years of experience in childcare into a profitable business. I couldn't have done it without learning the success principles in Master Your Mind.

Kalai Selvi
Founder & Principal Educator

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"Achieved Top Ratings In My Career!"

I phenomenally improved my effectiveness as a university lecturer after learning the success techniques and strategies in the Master Your Mind.

I applied what I learnt to my job and I went on to achieve top ratings as voted among my students after this program.

I am now more successful in my career and the success principles I learnt in this program can be applied anywhere!

Dr Radhi Raja
Singapore Institute Of Management University

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"This Book Is Truly Life-Changing!"

Adam, thank you for a wonderful, inspiring, thought-provoking and life-changing book!

When I first landed on the sales page for Adam Khoo's e-book program "Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny", I was somewhat skeptical. I have previously purchased items from such sales pages and many-a-time I was very disappointed. Some of those products I have bought were just not worth the money they charged for it.
But when I noticed the images of articles about Adam taken from newspapers and magazines, I realized that Adam's success was real and it was not just made up to sell some e-books. Although I did not specifically look for something about personal success (I cannot remember how I exactly landed up on Adam's book page), I started to read through the information on the page and decided it was worth a try, especially with the reasonable price tag.

However, I was still skeptical, as I did not know what to expect. But, boy, was I surprised when I opened the e-book! Nearly 400 pages of information in a professionally designed book! And when I started to read I could not stop! I read the book in one sitting, so inspired was I by what Adam says in the book.

Furthermore, the writing style is so simple, yet captivating, that I just could not put the book down (if you can imagine putting an e-book down, but I'm sure you know what I mean). What I also liked about the book is the fact that Adam provides the reader with many real-life examples of real-life people to prove his case.

I know that I was supposed to do the exercises, but that is what I am busy with now -working through the book a second time, summarizing the important points and doing the exercises. I have already started to set the specific goals I want to achieve in such a way that I could measure them, designed the strategies on how to achieve those goals, and milestones where I could measure them and get feedback to make sure that I stay on track.

I have also started to look at things in a more positive way and to discard negative feelings about problems, but rather started to view problems as challenges and opportunities. There is so much that I still need to do from the book; and I just can't wait to get around to do it!

The book is truly life-changing and an eye-opener into how to be more successful in many areas in life and how to live life to your full potential!

Ian Kruger, author of the thriller novel "Strike of the Black Mamba"
Kempton Park, South Africa

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So How Much Is Your Investment Is This Personal Success Program?

Conservatively speaking, this book is worth at least $97. There are many other books out there which cost more and deliver much less in comparison.

However, because I believe in personal development and what this book can do for you, I've decided to reduce the price further, so that everyone, and I do mean everyone can afford it and start to make changes to their lives.

Are you ready for this?

'Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny' Is yours for just $97, $19.95!

That's right. If you make the purchase now, I can get the book downloaded to your computer with just a single click of a button. Because there's no shipping, handling or any physical material involved, I can pass on these savings to you and that's why I'm prepared to offer this great deal to you.

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Your Investment Is Secured With My 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident and certain that your life shall benefit as a result of studying this book and applying its principles that if at anytime during the next 8 weeks, if you're not on the way towards fulfilling your dreams and living the life you want, I shall return to you every penny of your investment. No questions asked.

In fact, I still want you to keep the program even if you decide to refund because I trust in my product so much that after you read and go through what this can do for your life, you will know that this is a precious manuscript for you to achieve breakthrough results in life!

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Before I end this letter, there is something I want to share with you that is going to hit you right in the heart.

I recently met an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in for more than 17 years. We had attended the same school and also as we found out also attended the same university, the National University of Singapore. I remember both of us had ambitious dreams for our future.

As we caught up on old times, we found out that we were both married and had children, but there was one crucial difference - he was struggling to support his wife and two kids. I felt sorry about the situation he was in.

But what made the difference?

Knowledge. And how that knowledge was applied.

Right now, you have the keys to all the knowledge you need right now to take charge of your life and design it to be exactly the way you want it to be.

The only question is, 'What are you going to do with this knowledge?'

Will you let it slip through your grasp once again and then expect your life to change for the better by continuing to do the same actions that didn't work before?


Will you take charge of this power you have right now and create the breakthrough results and lifetime success you want and deserve?

The choice is yours.

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Yes Adam! I'm ready to Master My Mind and Design My Destiny starting from this very moment now!

I understand that I will harnessing the most powerful secrets and strategies to attain the success I want in life and to achieve breakthrough results.

I know that from right this moment on, I will be able to set goals and hit them again and again because I will be equipped with the best personal success system by my side.

I also know that all this lifetime success information I'm going to receive is instantly actionable and that I will possess the fastest path towards achieving personal success and accomplishment.

I also understand that I have an 8 week money-back guarantee and even if I choose to refund at anytime whatsoever, I still get to keep the product. With this sort of guarantee, I know that this is a sure-win no-brainer deal for me!

I also know that I will be able to download my Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny Personal Success System instantly straight into my computer at home.

I understand I have instant access to all the success secrets I need immediately. On that basis, here's my $97 $19.95 and I can make my purchase and download my copy right now even if it's 3am in the morning!

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To Your Success,

Adam Khoo

PS. Having read till here, you already know this is a solid program that will equip you with everything you need to start creating the results you want in life. Furthermore, you have an iron-clad 8-week money-back guarantee. And even if you do decide to refund, I still want you to keep this program! With a deal like this, you're not taking any risk at all. I am! Place your order here.

PPS. If you think that even at $97 $19.95 that this is still too expensive for a program that will change your life, transform the results you have and create the breakthrough success you deserve, then I'm sorry. There is no book, program or seminar out there that can help you. But if you're ready to let these success secrets transform your life then please do yourself a favor and download your copy of 'Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny' while it's still available at this special price.

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